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Here are the 5 tips:

  1. Blogging on Sites: Be generic and precise, but don’t forget to add your link in that blog, ask your friends to reply to that blog eventually it may reach many.

=> Tạo 1 website/blog riêng!

2. Social Networking: This is very easy and the most influencing way to market. Post your Games, Apps and even blogs (promotional materials) you have created and Videos if any, about your game. But be cautioned do not spam in social media else you may get blocked

=> Mạng xã hội: Facebook, Tweeter,…

3. Forum Posting: One of the organic and traditional marketing is forum posting. Post your promotional materials in forums and discussions. Again do not spam in the forum as it may irritate the users and may lead to negative review.

=> Forum: Trong và ngoài nước

4. Video Marketing: Create a video about your App or Game and make a Youtube channel. Promoting this video creates a vision within users and may last long within them.

=> Youtube

5. Review Sites: It is also important for others to review your game. The review sites will be best suiting for reviewing your game, there are both free and paid reviews. Choose paid reviewing if you want the same.